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Welcome to the world of pushed sticky notes! iSticky stores your memo's in our cloud server and pushes them to all your iOS and Mac devices.


We don't like tiny ads in an App! Therefore there aren't any in ours. But internet services can't be free. Someone has to pay it. We want to be straightforward: you pay our App, you got a free service for sending and storing your notes!


Use encryption whenever desired. If you want to be sure that your notes are not read by others, encrypt your notes with the 256bits AES encryption of a list.


With your purchase of iSticky, you will get free service. Create as many lists as you want. Share them with as much connections as you can.

Echoer Loves iSticky

We had been hunting for the right tool for a while and iSticky was exactly what we needed! It‘s a really simple way to leave sticky notes on fellow team-mates‘ desktops and coordinate to-do lists. The most important thing is that we don‘t need to open a web page or other app, which is exactly where most to-do coordination tools trip up.
We simply love it!



We introduce iSticky 1.0 for iOS and iSticky 4.0 for OS X, a Productivity app that stores user's notes on iSticky's Cloud server for easy access on multiple devices. The new release for iOS integrates with the OS X version, supports push notifications, allows users to create note lists, share lists with other users, specify list permissions, encrypt note lists, and send notes to other users.

iSticky lets users send an infinite number of sticky notes to themselves and others, providing a quick, real-time solution for sending important information like reminders, updates, directions, meeting times, dinner plans, meet-up changes, or any other individual or group note. iSticky provides a fast and organized way to send notes, at home, in school, on the road, or in the office.

iSticky is a great solution for:

  • Teams: to create real-time to-do lists
  • Companies with employees on the road: to give them the latest information or orders
  • Colleagues: to send quick reminders instead of sending emails or sticking paper notes on desks
  • Families: to send quick reminders, menus, honey-do lists, and other important information

Users may become connected with other users, allowing sharing of notes organized in lists. Current users send an invitation to the email address of the person they wish to connect with. If this email address is already registered as an iSticky user, the user will see an invitation in the iSticky app. If the email address is not registered as an iSticky user, iSticky will send an email with the invitation to purchase iSticky and connect to the user who sent the invitation. People can accept a connection invite, decline to become connected, or delete a connection any time.

Once connected, users may share notes and lists with other connected users. The owner of the list may specify the permissions of other users. iSticky also allows users to send notes outside of a permitted list to a  specific connected user. These notes will automatically appear in the General list. The General list is a static feature of iSticky and cannot be deleted or encrypted. The connected user, if allowing push notifications, will receive an alert to the note.

Feature Highlights:

  • Easy to use note sharing
  • Notes and list stored on iSticky's Cloud server, enabling access on multiple devices at all times
  • Supports Apple's Push Notification Service allowing for instant notifications
  • Share notes and lists with connected users
  • Connect with users through invites and specify list permissions among users
  • Seamless integration between devices and users
  • Note encryption options
  • Send notes to other users

iSticky notes are ordered in color-coded lists a user can create. The notes will be displayed beneath the list header. Users can rearrange notes, e.g., the most important notes may be placed at the top of a list.

Once a list has been created, all connected users may add notes to the list. Each note is tagged with the name of the user who created the note and the date the note was created or last modified. After notes are created, they may be edited or deleted. If a user is not connected to the Internet when a note is created or edited, the note will be placed in the queue until the next time an Internet connection is established.

Users can ensure the privacy of notes of certain lists by encrypting them with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard or AES encryption. If an encrypted list is shared, connected users must have the password in order to read the notes of a list. To prevent other people from reading the user's notes, iSticky for iOS offers the option of setting a passcode to get access to the app.

iSticky makes use of Apple's Push Notification Service, allowing users to be updated to any changes and additions to notes and lists. Changes are immediately pushed to all the users who need to know. If a user changes a note of a shared list, this change will be communicated immediately to all the users who are members of that list. This feature is integrated between iSticky OS X and iSticky iOS, allowing notification of notes changed on a Mac computer to be sent to an iOS device within seconds.

iSticky brings you fast, real-time note sharing. With notes stored on our Cloud server, you will never be without vital information. No more losing important information on tiny scraps of paper. iSticky has revolutionized the sticky note.